Creative Friends


I dropped out of college almost ten years ago to go full-time freelance. The most memorable part throughout the years has undoubtedly been the talented people I’ve met along the way.


The list below is an unsolicited index of creatives you should hire for visual needs in design, video and/or photography work.

(Or at the very least: look at their work to be inspired!)


Jessica Comingore


Adrian Martinez


Gibson Hazard


Henry Hwu


Red Gaskell


Will Nichols


Marat Shaya


Dylan Knight


Collin Hughes


Ike Edeani


June Kim


Bobby Bruderle


Xavier Sotomayor


Ben Wolin


Dusty Kessler




E. Ivor McCray



Matthew W. Taylor


Nick Sandish


Blair Brown



Chris Maldonado



Bryan Rivera


Jessica Strelioff


Sawyer Hollenshead


The is an ongoing list of friends, inspirations & collaborators. If I forgot to mention you in the list, shoot me a tweet: @JohnLiwag. Cheers. xx    Instagram    Twitter